The Cat and the Fiddle

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Max can’t sleep: Gran’s dog, Randolf, is snoring and there’s obviously a monster in the wardrobe.  To help Max, Dad tells him about the Moon Dreaming adventures he used to have as a child.  But Max isn’t convinced…until he finds himself at Little Pippin Farm with Randolf.  Lady has gone missing, Alvin’s fiddle strings are broken and Stephen the Rat is looking very guilty.  So with the help of a tubby terrier, a pack of rats and a herd of cows, Max sets about trying to rescue Lady… what could possibly go wrong!


Suitable for ages 7+

No bad language or sexual content

Paperback: 102 pages

Publisher: BITE Publishing (23 May 2016)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0992850940

ISBN-13: 978-0992850944

Product Dimensions: 12.8 x 0.7 x 20.2 cm

4 reviews for The Cat and the Fiddle

  1. Ruby – Age 9

    ‘It made me laugh out loud. If you like dreaming, adventures and talking animals, you will love this book.’

  2. Amy – Age 11

    I thought it was an excellent adventure book. I would definitely read it again

  3. Abbey – Age 12

    An excellent read – gripping and funny at the same time

  4. Hayden – Age 9

    Just like my bonkers dreams, it was great!

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