What is Bridge Writing?


Developed specifically for KS2, Bridge Writing gives children writing tasks that stretch their writing abilities and their imaginations – they, on the other hand, think they’re just having fun making stuff up!

Bridge Writing is totally dynamic in that we are making up new exercises all the time.  Here are a few of our favourites at the moment:

  • Building a character: starting with Today I am going into space.  I am taking sandwiches, two apples and a packet of Haribo.  I’m also taking some company, the children describe who they are taking and why through a step by step process that keeps them on track.  They get chance to read out their ideas and get LOTS of feedback. Great for back story and key elements any character should have.
  • Writing a lot about a little: the children are given one simple sentence, or three words which they use to write a short piece.  This is great for building confidence (and the word ‘then’ is banned!)
  • Alternatives for ‘very’: why use ‘very big’ when you can use ‘massive? This is an ideal exercise to develop vocabulary and can lead easily to the next task…
  • Quopying: a made up word which sounds far more interesting that ‘using a narrative framework’, don’t you think? Using text from one of our books, we get the children to write their own pieces – and goodness, some of them are really very good!
  • Word races: Using prompt sheets, the children to write down how many synonyms as they can remember for said/walking/good/bad, etc.  We also do a creepy words word race! They always go down well and the children get very competitive!  We then pick three of their words, plus two they couldn’t remember and write a short piece.

Plus reading aloud with lots of exposure to new and more challenging words.

And that’s just a taster, we haven’t mentioned People & Place, Giving a Tale a Past, Storyboarding, Spot the errors, crosswords, Letter Writing, Points of View…

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